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June 27, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

IT Crossover

AGE 19
WHY HER? Legions of too-cool Gen-Yers no doubt have at least one album by Kelly Osbourne’s bosom buddy (and MTV’s favorite daughter) hiding in their White Stripes-infested record collections. And — sorry, Ms. Spears — Moore is a promising actress with no fewer than five films lined up for release.
ROLE MODEL Bette Midler. ”She’s a household name who’s stayed true to who she is. And Beaches! I mean…I’m gonna, like, tie my boyfriend [tennis player Andy Roddick] down and make him watch it.”
BLOND UNAMBITION The natural blonde garnered plenty of attention — and a career boost — with her brown-out for last year’s A Walk to Remember. ”I’ll never go blond again…. As cheesy and insignificant as it is to say that you’ve found yourself in a new hair color, it’s the truth.”
NEXT July’s How to Deal and the Michael Stipe-produced Saved, along with a pivotal role in Wes Craven’s latest horror flick, Cursed. Plus there’s a tribute to her musical forebears: Her October album, Coverage, features takes on songs by XTC and Cat Stevens.

IT Character Actor

AGE 36
WHY HIM? After years of specializing in supporting roles as rumpled sad-sack types (Private Parts’ Pig Vomit, Man on the Moon’s Bob Zmuda), he took a starring role as the rumpled sad-sack underground-comics artist Harvey Pekar in American Splendor and wound up becoming the talk of Sundance.
ON BEING HARVEY PEKAR ”You feel strange playing a real person, [but] Harvey was really laid-back about it…. He was able to realize it was a character based on him, which is difficult for some people.”
ON BEING PIG VOMIT ”I didn’t know it was a real guy when I was playing it…. When I found out, I felt horrible.”
ON TYPECASTING Giamatti’s wife writes screenplays, though even in her scripts, he doesn’t get to play the dashing lead. ”I keep asking ‘Where’s the young handsome guy [for me to play]?’ But no, it’s the same goofy parts I always play.”
NEXT A supporting role in John Woo’s Paycheck.

IT Remake

WHY IT? Okay, so the Psycho remake didn’t pan out. But buzz on this updated gorefest, due in theaters Oct. 17, is starting to build.
AGES The movie stars, from left, Eric Balfour, 26; Jessica Biel, 21; Andrew Bryniarski, 34; and Erica Leerhsen, 27.
ROLE MODEL Biel: Christina Ricci. ”She doesn’t care about being in a huge commercial movie. She doesn’t care about being a huge superstar. She just cares about doing good work.”
WORST JOBS Balfour, who’s had recurring roles on 24 and Six Feet Under, filled in for a friend, manning the craft service table at a rap concert. ”The producers were yelling at us, saying ‘Where’s the fresh fruit? There’s not enough green M&M’s in this bowl! Our artists only drink Courvoisier!’… And people would come up to me while I’m cleaning off the table and be like, ‘Aren’t you on that TV show?”’ Leerhsen, meanwhile, was a lifeguard at a psychiatric hospital, where the patients ”would try and drown themselves and stuff…. They were just really bored and trying to get attention.”
ON TYPECASTING Bryniarski professes himself unconcerned about falling into the Robert Englund trap of being thought of only as a disfigured serial killer: ”If there’s more Leatherface work in the future, I wouldn’t say I’m not going to do it. [There’s a] difference between beating a dead horse and milking a golden goose.” We’ll raise a glass of goose milk to that.

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