EW Staff
June 27, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

MOVIES ¡Dios mio! James L. Brooks is ready to direct Spanglish, a comedia romantica that Adam Sandler y Tea Leoni are negotiating to star in, y his primera pelicula since As Good as It Gets…. Nicole Kidman (BMX Bandits) is on board for Fox’s movie version of Emma’s War: An Aid Worker, a Warlord, Radical Islam, and the Politics of Oil — A True Story of Love and Death in Sudan. Good luck fitting that sucker on a marquee…. Hairspray director John Waters has recruited Johnny Knoxville, Selma Blair, and Paul Giamatti for A Dirty Shame, a comedy about blue-collar sex addicts who take over a neighborhood — sure to spawn another Broadway musical…. The Fall Guy lives! Warner Bros. will produce a movie version of the ’80’s TV show, which followed Lee Majors’ Colt Seavers, a stuntman moonlighting as a bounty hunter.

BOOKS Pamela Anderson had a sex video; now Jenny McCarthy will have a pregnancy guide. Belly Laughs: Everything Funny and Not-So-Funny Headed Your Way During Pregnancy will be published in Spring 2004.

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