Jim Mullen
June 13, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1 VIDEOGAMES A study says playing ultrafast videogames may actually make you smarter. If you’re gonna get fatter and pastier anyway, kids, it sure beats math and science.

2 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS Finally, an entire movie about people who have to go through life without spelling the word too.

3 BARBRA STREISAND She’s suing a photographer for publishing online detailed aerial shots of her beach home. She doesn’t want people to know she keeps a messy roof.

4 CARNIE WILSON After dropping 150 pounds, she’s posing for Playboy. Guess she just likes getting staples in her stomach.

5 PAUL MCCARTNEY He and wife Heather Mills are going to have a baby. By the time the kid gets out of diapers, Sir Paul will be wearing them.

6 RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN By confirming he’s gay, the handsome 68-year-old actor has shocked Americans — one guy in Kansas and some old lady in Idaho.

7 HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX The great thing about the new 896-page book is that it gets children interested in reading and weight lifting.

8 RICKY MARTIN He says he got tired of all the glamour, the limos, and the private jets. Show a little grit, man. If all the other big overpaid stars can put up with it, you can.

9 HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON Barbara Walters will be the first to interview the senator about her memoirs. Or, as they were called in Washington, depositions.

10 SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVALS Think $60 tickets and $4.50 bottles of water are bad? Just wait till you find out there’s one Porta Potti for every 8,000 people.

Lucas launches Hyperspace subscription service at starwars.com.


Lucas launches Hyperspace subscription service at starwars.com. ..Piano maker Steinway & Sons turns 150

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