EW Staff
June 13, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

KEANU REEVES The actor’s potential earnings from his stake in the two Matrix sequels and all of its ancillaries $200 million

BEYONCE KNOWLES Luxurious price tag on the singer’s Lorraine Schwartz diamonds worn on VH1 Divas Duets, May 22 $750,000

LANCELOT Going rate for a liter of sperm from the world’s studliest bull (believed to produce the finest milk-producing cattle) $212,000

JOHNNY CARSON Highest eBay bid for his Nebraskan childhood home. (The current owners rejected the offer as too low.) $154,400

RODIN Estimated worth of a small sculpture crafted by the French master, stolen from a Buenos Aires museum on May 29 $150,000

ERIC CLAPTON Christie’s expected going price for a Rolex watch once owned by the Grammy-winning guitarist $80-100,000

HOLLYWOOD Sponsorship fee to honor a celeb with a star on the renowned Walk of Fame $15,000

PILOTPROJECT.TV Prize awarded to the winner of an online competition in which contestants vie to produce their own TV series $3,000

AUSTRALIAN INSECT FARM Price of a pet-cockroach kit $47

TRUMP WORLD TOWER Cost to satisfy nicotine cravings with a ”tobacco martini” at NYC’s smoke-free World Bar $12.50

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