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Law firm fires ''Love or Money'''s disgraced Rob

Law firm fires ”Love or Money”’s disgraced Rob. The firm cites both his recently unearthed Marine scandal and his behavior on Monday’s show

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Rob Campbell, For Love or Money
For Love or Money: Dave Bjerke

The bachelorettes on NBC’s ”For Love or Money” may forgive bachelor Rob Campos for his boorish behavior on Monday’s episode, but his boss will not. The Smoking Gun, which earlier this week unearthed the drunken incident of alleged sexual harassment that ended Campos’ career as a Marine, reports that he’s also been fired from Mathur Law Offices, the law firm for which he’d been a freelance attorney, over both the Marine scandal and Monday’s show.

On Monday’s program, the series’ second episode, a Cabernet- and margarita-fueled Campos asked contestant Lauren to bend over and help him remove a boot, then gave her a shove in the rear with his other foot. Then he joined all 10 women in the hot tub. In the words of one bachelorette, ”In the hot tub he just moved from one girl to the next, rubbing and touching. It was disgusting.” The next morning, he offered the group an abject apology, admitting, ”I was a real jerk.”

On the Mathur website, partner Sanjay Mathur issued a statement suggesting that Campos had embarrassed the firm. ”Although we have known Rob Campos to be an intelligent and hospitable person and a person who has acted mannerly with our staff and our clients, he has allowed himself to become ill perceived,” Mathur wrote. He said that the firm had been as unaware as NBC was of the 1999 Marine Corps incident, in which a Naval officer accused Campos of drunkenly groping her breasts. Wrote Mathur, ”The recent news stories related to Mr. Campos’ misconduct during his tenure as a Marine are alarming. Furthermore, we were concerned about his conduct during the second episode of the TV show ‘For Love or Money’ on NBC, which aired on June 9, 2003. Taking the two events together, we find that it is in the best interest of this firm to disassociate our relationship with Mr. Campos. Since Mr. Campos has never been a formal ”employee” of this firm, the firm simply will cease any additional work and we have asked him to vacate his office space.”