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See the car chase scene in ''Thelma & Louise''


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Thelma & Louise
Thelma & Louise: Everett Collection

See the car chase scene in ”Thelma & Louise”

Not the fastest chase, but one of the most iconic. Pursued across the desert by seemingly every cop car in the southwestern United States, vacationers-turned-feminist outlaws Thelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon) drive their 1966 Thunderbird convertible into the sunset and into film legend with a memorable ending we can’t disclose here. In this penultimate scene, the gals evade the cops by driving under a low railroad overpass and out along the rim of the Grand Canyon (the sequence was actually shot in Utah). Forget stunt doubles; director Ridley Scott put Davis in the car with the pro driver. ”What, were we nuts?” she recalls on the DVD’s commentary track. If so, we’re glad they were.