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Details on the ''Bachelor''-style gay reality show

Details on the ”Bachelor”-style gay reality show — Bravo’s ”Boy Meets Boy,” featuring 15 men vying for a single guy, also takes a little twisted inspiration from ”Joe Millionaire”

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Boy Meets Boy
Boy Meets Boy: Glenn Campbell

What in the name of Celine Dion is going on here? Bravo’s ”Boy Meets Boy,” a six-episode take on a certain ABC dating game, features 15 male suitors vying for the well-moisturized hand of an unnamed 32-year-old male law-firm employee. But, naturally, there’s a twist: Hidden among the potential mates are straight men pretending to be gay.

”Our goal is to push boundaries and blur lines,” says coexecutive producer Douglas Ross. ”We wanted to challenge stereotypes.” And offer a tried-and-true incentive: If a straight man is chosen, he’ll get cash; if it’s a gay man, the couple is off to an exotic locale. (Only viewers will know who’s gay and who’s not.)

Despite its forward-thinking premise, Ross and Bravo president Jeff Gaspin know that some gay viewers will be watching this ”Boy” closely. ”Shows like this are intriguing — and controversial — because they can either break stereotypes, or they can confirm them,” says Gaspin. ”We’ll treat these men no differently than women were treated on ‘The Bachelor.”’ Wait — is that a good thing?