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All Around

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All Around

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POP, Rock

We gave it a B+

Songs of domestic surrealism, rock mythology, and the places they collide: our hearts, our heads, our beds. This punky pop-rock outfit from Baltimore seems to suffer from Anglophilia–or possibly Anglophobia–with frontguy Roman Kuebler slyly referencing the Stones (“Young Keith, he was saddled with Englishman’s teeth”) and Radiohead (“They’re OK Computers but they’ll keep me inside”) in a butched-up Morrissey yodel. The triple-guitar front splits the difference between New Zealand new-wave sparkle and classic Detroit hard rock, with Virat Shukla dropping some impressive precision-strike leads. NASDAQ BLUES “All That Money (You’ll Get Over It)” is a nu-depression anthem for America’s sad mutual-fund investors–an audience big enough to send this puppy multi-platinum.