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CBS bars ''Survivor'''s Jenna from posing for PETA

CBS bars ”Survivor”’s Jenna from posing for PETA. The network bites back at PETA, saying the ad would violate her ”contractual obligations”

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Jenna Morasca, Survivor: The Amazon
Survivor: Amazon: Robert Voets

On ”Survivor: The Amazon,” CBS let eventual winner Jenna Morasca strip for peanut butter, but the network won’t let her wear a faux-fur bikini for PETA. E! Online reports that the network refused to allow the 21-year-old professional swimsuit model to pose for an anti-fur ad created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, saying the ad would conflict with Morasca’s ”contractual obligations” to CBS.

PETA said it had enlisted Morasca to wear the Raquel Welch-style two-piece for a print ad in its ”Wear Fake for the Animals’ Sake” campaign, and that it had negotiated with CBS over the ad copy, which the animal-rights group promised would not include the words ”survivor” or ”survive.” But then, a PETA spokesperson told E! Online, CBS still backed out, citing its contractual say in ”Survivor” personalities’ media appearances for a year after they appear on the show.

CBS, however, says it never gave PETA even a conditional OK to use Morasca. ”I’m not aware of anybody at CBS initially approving of Jenna’s participation,” network spokesman Chris Ender told E! Online. ”Obviously, ‘Survivor’ is a very important brand in this company and we’re very careful what we approve [especially] if it’s an advocacy issue.”

Ender said the network bears no grudge against PETA, even though the activists disrupted last fall’s Victoria’s Secret special and loudly protested the contestants’ hunting of rats, chickens, and wild pigs during early seasons of ”Survivor.” Said Ender, ”In some ways, we’re grateful. They’ve provided us with some of the best publicity we ever had in the first season.”