Jim Mullen
May 16, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1 FEAR FACTOR For the finale, contestants will drive a car off a three-story parking garage. Big deal. Make them catch the car.

2 BEVERLY HILLS, 90210: 10-YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION We forget, is 90210 the zip code, or a running tally of how many times Brandon will call people ”bro”?

3 DADDY DAY CARE Ex — ad man Eddie Murphy starts a kiddie-care business. The way he sees it, he’s already used to dealing with people who’ll crap all over him without warning.

4 ELVIS COSTELLO He’s marrying jazz great Diana Krall. The upshot: They can fight and still make beautiful music together.

5 PRINCE WILLIAM A tabloid says Chuck and Di’s oldest son wants to move to America. He’s afraid the strict British class system could hold him back.

6 THE WEST WING NBC and the show’s brilliant creator and driving force have gone their separate ways. Great — now someone dumber can write the show to make it more realistic.

7 THE UNAUTHORIZED STORY OF ‘THREE’S COMPANY’ So Suzanne Somers’ rampant megalomania ruined the popular racy ’70s sitcom — it also spawned a nation of rock-hard thighs!

8 CANNES The grand-pere of all film festivals gets under way in southern France. First prize: a boycott in America.

9 SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON The winner got a million dollars by trickery, cunning, exploitation, and manipulating the competition. That’s gotta look good on the resume.

10 BILL BENNETT The self-appointed defender of public morals has sworn off gambling — even though his reported $8 million in losses occurred exclusively in family-friendly, virtuous casinos.

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