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Cedric plays Gleason role in ''Honeymooners'' film

Cedric plays Gleason role in ”Honeymooners” film. Mike Epps will play the Art Carney sidekick role

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Score another hit for non-traditional casting. If Will Smith can play Robert Conrad’s role in ”Wild Wild West,” and if Bernie Mac can play Bosley in the upcoming ”Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle,” then why shouldn’t Cedric the Entertainer play Ralph Kramden? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cedric will take the role made famous by Jackie Gleason in a big-screen version of ”The Honeymooners.” Mike Epps (of the ‘”Friday” movies) will play Ed Norton, the sidekick role created by Art Carney.

John Schultz (”Like Mike”) will direct the Paramount film this fall, based on the classic 1950s CBS sitcom about blue-collar striver Ralph, goofy pal Ed, and their endlessly patient wives, Alice and Trixie. (CBS, like Paramount, is a Viacom company.) No word yet on who’ll play Alice and Trixie; no doubt Paramount will announce the casting, as Ralph would say, ”one of these days.”