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British TV special calls J. Lo a fraud

British TV special calls J. Lo a fraud. Watch for ”Behind the Behind” to follow ”Living With Michael Jackson” across the pond

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Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez: Kate Lilienthal/Splashnews/Newscom

News flash: Many folks from Jennifer Lopez’s Bronx neighborhood think Jenny from the block is rich and snobby! Apparently, this is a big scoop in the U.K., where a TV exposĂ© on J. Lo, cheekily titled ”Behind the Behind,” airs Wednesday on Britain’s Channel 4. Its producers are hoping to bring it across the pond to air here, emulating the success of Channel 4’s ”Living With Michael Jackson.”

”Behind” goes beyond the usual accusation that J. Lo has forgotten her roots, alleging that the roots themselves are fake, that Lopez grew up in a ”smart New York suburb” and had a ”private education.” (Well, she did go to parochial school; but the Bronx’s Castle Hill neighborhood is hardly a suburb.) ”She would go shopping a lot — she never hung out with people from the Bronx,” Ojani Noa, J. Lo’s first ex-husband, says in the documentary. ”She’s very artificial — more artificial than a plastic rose,” says Henry Pelayo, who says he’s a Lopez family friend.

Lopez’s publicist told the New York Daily News that the documentary producers never tried to contact her family. While he was at it, the spokesman denied the rumor that Lopez will play the female lead in the next ”Austin Powers” movie. On other rumors — that she and fiancĂ© Ben Affleck will marry this weekend in Hawaii, or in a chapel on the grounds of the $16 million island estate they just bought in Georgia — the publicist was mum.