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Trista, Colby join all-reality cable channel

Trista, Colby join all-reality cable channel. ”Amazing Race” contestant and the founder of E! will launch Reality Central in 2004

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Trista Rehn
Trista Rehn: Bob D'Amico

”Colby, meet Trista; Trista, Colby…” That’s what you might overhear when some of the most familiar faces from reality TV get together to serve as on-air shills for Reality Central, a new all-reality TV cable network planned to debut in 2004. Among the 28 semi-celebrities seeking to extend their 15 minutes of fame are: ”Survivor” winners Tina Wesson, Richard Hatch, and Ethan Zohn; ”Survivor” also-ran Colby Donaldson; and ”Bachelorette” couple Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, says the Associated Press.

Former ”Amazing Race” contestant Brent Mycoskie and his partner, E! founder Larry Namer, plan to program the channel with a lineup that will be half reruns of reality shows from the U.S. and abroad, and half behind-the-scenes and where-are-they-now specials of the kind that now air on E!

Is there an audience for an all-reality-all-the-time channel? ”I produce 120 hours of reality TV, but if I had to watch it all day I’d go nuts,” producer Bruce Nash (”Mr. Personality”) tells AP. Mycoskie, however, tells the Hollywood Reporter: ”We know people have an unquenchable desire for these shows and to know more about the people on them.”

Mycoskie says he even convinced such reality winners as ”Amazing Race” victors Alexander Boylan and Christopher Luca and ”Survivor”’s Wesson to cough up seed money for the channel. Guess it’s possible, then, to BUY a 16th minute of fame.