Friends: Warner Bros. Television
Liane Bonin
April 23, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

KID PLAYMaybe everyone?s just trying to keep up with Ross, but breeding fever seems to have hit the Central Perk crowd. Matthew Perry, who made his ”West Wing” debut last night as a lawyer applying for the job of associate counsel at the White House, has fewer nerves than Chandler when it comes to playing a proud papa on ”Friends.” The actor hinted to TV Guide that a twist may be in store for Chandler and Monica as their efforts to become parents intensify, adding, ”I like the [idea] of these two neurotic people wanting a child.” If the pair finally does procreate, at least they can split the nanny bill with Rachel.

TIME’S A WASTIN’As for Rachel, her real-life counterpart is hearing her biological clock ticking ever louder these days. Jennifer Aniston, who started fending off pregnancy rumors almost as soon as she walked down the aisle with Brad Pitt, told Entertainment Weekly that she isn?t sure whether babies or feature films are first on her agenda after ”Friends” goes off the air. Still, wee ones seemed to have the upper hand. ”I?d love to procreate sooner rather than later, so that I?m not a grandmother and mother at the same time,” she said. Until a bun is in the oven, however, she?s been plugging her costarring role in Jim Carrey?s ?Bruce Almighty? (opens May 22) and the untitled comedy she shot with Ben Stiller and Debra Messing, which she?s described as ”the modern-day ‘Annie Hall.”’

‘ALONE’ TIMEAisha Tyler may not be a permanent member of the ?Friends? cast, but her four-episode gig as a paleontologist who woos both Joey and Ross begins on Apr. 24. Though her love triangle may be a quickie, at least she has another ”Friends” connection in her future. She?s set to star opposite Courteney Cox Arquette?s hubby David (and DMX) in the thriller ”Never Die Alone.”

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