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MITEY GOOD MAN Jeremy Sisto knows from demanding roles: He returns April 13 as Rachel Griffith’s psychotic younger brother on HBO’s Six Feet Under, and plays Julius Caesar in TNT’s miniseries about the Roman leader this August. And this week, he heads to Romania to produce and star in 1.0, a ”Kafkaesque psychological thriller in which corporations take over the world,” Sisto tells EW. ”My character, a computer programmer, unwittingly becomes a guinea pig when a conglomerate puts mites into my bloodstream to get me addicted to their products.” After appearing in 35 film and TV projects in the past eight years, the 28-year-old actor — who recently formed his own production company, Dima Entertainment — relishes his dual role: ”Early in my career, I felt that nothing was in my hands. Now I no longer feel like I’m at the mercy of people in some other room.”

SHADES OF RAY Actor-comedian Jamie Foxx, who earned critical acclaim for his dramatic turns in Any Given Sunday and Ali, is now playing blind old-school R&B legend Ray Charles in Unchain My Heart, a biopic directed by Taylor Hackford (Proof of Life). ”I didn’t hesitate when Taylor asked me to take this role,” says Foxx, a longtime piano player who attended San Diego’s U.S. International University on a music scholarship. ”For African Americans, the most important thing is to get our stories into the system.” To portray Charles (now 72 years old) as a young man, Foxx is spending the entire Louisiana-based shoot wearing prosthetics that fit over his eyes, rendering him sightless. ”At first, I hyperventilated,” Foxx admits. ”It took a couple of weeks to get used to the feeling. When you can’t see, you start to wonder if people are out to get you.”