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DeLillo's Greatest Hits

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THE NAMES (1982) In the late ’70s, DeLillo moved to Greece, the setting for his first masterpiece — a paranoid and twisty intrigue about an American expat, the Acropolis, and an Aegean cult.

WHITE NOISE (1985) A professor of Hitler studies and his family are haunted by an ”airborne toxic event” in the suburbs.

LIBRA(1988) Three years before Oliver Stone’s JFK, DeLillo composed this chilling psychological mosaic of Lee Harvey Oswald.

UNDERWORLD (1997) This 827-page whopper is DeLillo’s magnum opus — a hypnotic juggernaut about baseball, the Cold War, and America at the dusk of a millennium.

THE BODY ARTIST (2001) A slim and mysterious novella about a widow mourning her husband, reliving the tiny, unspoken details of married life.