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S.A.T.'s For Rockers

Godsmack’s Sully Erna, you’ve got 15 minutes…

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1. What is the difference between rock, the music, and The Rock, the actor?

God is to smack as Buddha is to…

2. Karma. The definition of our name is sort of ”what goes around comes around.” If you make fun of someone’s hair falling out and your hair falls out, that’s a Godsmack.

3. Use the following words in a sentence: Ping-Pong, Wicca.

Um…I use Wicca so I can ping-pong my life’s balance, because one side is debauchery and the other side is my grounding.

4. Choose an alternate lyric for ”I Stand Alone”: ”Now I’ve told you this once before/You can’t…” A. ”…have any more oatmeal” B. ”…keep following me like this” C. ”…have my autograph” D. ”…always get what you want”

D. It just sounds like the best one. I don’t care about oatmeal.