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The Cash Register

Putting a finger on the pulse of the money that really matters

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FOOTLOOSE REMAKE Cost above the ’84 original $21.5 million

CHICAGO License fee NBC and Bravo paid to air the Oscar darling $13 million

VIRGINIA Unclaimed lottery jackpot going to state’s Literary Fund $11.6 million

STELLA MCCARTNEY Funds raised at a cancer benefit in her honor $1.5 million

TARGET.COM Price tag on the swankiest of the discount retailer’s room kits designed by celeb architect Michael Graves $26,000

HARRY POTTER Winning bid in an online auction (benefiting a British charity that helps the deaf and blind) for an autographed copy of the yet-to-be-printed latest installment of the boy-wizard series $8,000

UNITED WAY OF TAMPA BAY Cost of one of the 200 tickets sold for the group’s April fund-raiser, canceled because of complaints about peacenik guest of honor Susan Sarandon $75

LAMBERTVILLE, N.J. What ”Zora Day” attendees each paid to lunch with their hometown girl-turned-Joe Millionaire sweetheart $25

MUSICNOW Cheapest monthly membership to the online service $4.95

THIRD EYE BLIND Starting bid for a pair of tickets to the pop- rockers’ upcoming tour, for which all tickets will be sold on eBay $1