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Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' is up to this week

Here’s what the cast of ”Friends” is up to this week. Courteney Cox says 2003-04 is really, truly, definitely the last season, and the gang lounges around for charity

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Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox Arquette: Danny Feld/NBC

TABLE DISCUSSION With war in Iraq intensifying, Newsweek magazine decided its readers would be best served by a chat with Courteney Cox. In the April 7 issue, readers will learn that next fall’s 10th season of ”Friends” is really and truly the last one (”You can really believe it. It?s time,” she says. ”We?ve all made a pact and said this is definitely it.”), that Cox in real life is as much a ”neatnik” as Monica on TV, and that her upcoming home decorating show, ”Mix It Up” (debuting this fall on cable’s WE channel), was inspired by the clashing of styles between her taste and husband David Arquette’s. Asked if she made him throw out a lot of his things when they moved in together, she says, ”No, and that was a big mistake. He has a table of a woman on all fours with a piece of glass on her back. It?s kind of like from ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ When we first moved in together, I loved him so much, I tried to make it the centerpiece of my living room. I wouldn?t do that now.”

RECLINE AND FALL As EW.com reported last fall, the six ”Friends,” apparently inspired by Joey and Chandler’s famous recliners, each designed one of their own, which La-Z-Boy has built and is auctioning off for charity. (The auction takes place from May 12 to May 22, with proceeds going to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.) In its April 7 issue, People magazine published photos of all six chairs, and each seems to fit the designer’s TV character. Of the six recliners, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry’s look like the ones best suited to watching TV and snacking, Cox’s seems the most immaculate, Jennifer Aniston’s is the most curvaceous, David Schwimmer’s is the most childlike (it’s meant to look like a beach ball), and Lisa Kudrow’s looks the most likely to make the sitter need a back massage.

In other charitable efforts, Cox and Arquette, along with David’s sister Patricia, attended the Wellness Community of West Los Angeles’ Human Spirit Awards last Wednesday, a benefit for cancer patients at which David received one of the Human Spirit awards. Arquette, who seems plenty spirited in his movies and phone commercials, displayed more subdued behavior at the candlelit banquet. ”He gets shy,” Cox told TV’s ”Extra. ”But this is the David that I pretty much see most of the time.” At least until she tries to take away his ‘Clockwork Orange’ table.