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'Zelda': The Return Of A Classic Videogame

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Sure, it’s a only a videogame (and a five-year-old one at that), but we think THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME deserves a place alongside The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter as one of the great modern fantasy tales. Revered game designer Shigeru Miyamoto tackled such serious issues as ecology and religion in telling the story of Link, a young forest dweller on a quest to recover a missing relic. Ocarina is the fifth iteration of a franchise begun in 1987 with The Legend of Zelda, and the Super NES title is now available for GameCube — but only by preordering a copy of the newest installment, The Wind Waker, to be released March 24. Newcomers may be put off by the kiddie graphics but shouldn’t be: The most zealous Zelda players I know are all 21 and older.