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Thar’s gold in them thar Hollywood hills, but who’ll be going home with it Oscar night? The question left our readers abuzz over our Academy Awards guide (#696/697, Feb. 21). ”Your Oscar issue was the best ever,” cheers Corinne Funk Hammons of New York City. ”It reminded me of Life magazine in its heyday — packed with content and full of historical perspective.” And history may be repeating itself, according to Toronto’s Michael Dukes: ”Another year of nominations, another year of the unjustifiably snubbed. What about Maggie Gyllenhaal for Secretary and Ray Liotta for Narc?” EW’s new Comics section also appeared to be one for the history books. ”Good start to a promising new section,” says Mark Ciemcioch of Buffalo. ”It was a nice balance of mainstream and independent stuff, something even the regular comics media doesn’t devote enough space to.” That’s as good as gold!

For Award Thinking

The coverage you gave the Oscar nominees was terrific! That kind of show-biz savvy was right up my (and any movie buff’s!) alley. Thanks for a read-every-word issue that I thoroughly enjoyed. CHUCK FLEETWOOD fleety@infi.net Fredericksburg, Va.

When the Oscar nominations came out, I thought,”Oh no! The French judge has done it again!” Why such obvious omissions, especially Far From Heaven’s Dennis Quaid and a directing nod for Todd Haynes? But reading through your magazine, I felt like I was flipping through a scrapbook filled with pictures of old friends. Honestly, I don’t care who wins this year because they’re all good. KEITH SUTTON morningkeith@sprint.ca Winnipeg

While I very much enjoyed the profiles of this year’s Best Actor/Best Actress nominees, I wish I could say I was surprised at the choices made in the photos that accompanied them: five actors, in thoughtful portraits, drawing the reader’s attention to the depth and range of their outstanding performances, and five actresses in what could pass for lingerie, drawing the reader’s attention to the depth and range of their outstanding cleavage. Has the Academy changed the title of the category to Most Babelicious, and forgotten to tell the rest of us? SUSAN MUSIAL Richfield, Minn.

Once again you’ve completely ignored the writers in your Oscar issue. I mean, all they did was write the darn movies. No big deal. Two Spanish-language films were nominated for a screenplay Oscar, and this isn’t even worth a mention? A fictional person even gets a nod, and you’ve got nothing? LEE ARCURI Leelander@aol.com Brooklyn

Oh, What a Night!

Totally cool, your reminiscence of the 1978 Oscar ceremony (”25 Years Ago”). Now, if only some network could rebroadcast the show. Paging TV Land! MARTIN BOUCHER pageturner_@hotmail.com Montreal

Forget Him Not

Amid the glitz and glamour of today’s Oscar coverage, it was wonderful to read the loving tribute to the late John Cazale (”Unfortunate Son”). Though his screen career was short, the few films he made will forever live as examples of an incredible talent that we had all too brief a time to enjoy. Had he lived, there is little doubt in my mind that he would have been honored at some point as the greatest character actor of his generation. RON ST. AMANT ron@stamant.com Virginia Beach, Va.