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''Jetsons'' movie is on its way

”Jetsons” movie is on its way. The director of ”Bringing Down the House” is in negotiations to bring the cartoon to life

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Moviegoers will soon meet George Jetson — not to mention his boy, Elroy. A live-action version of the futuristic Hanna Barbera cartoon favorite is on its way, with ”Bringing Down the House” director Adam Shankman in negotiations to take the helm, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


Besides perenially tardy Spacely Sprockets employee George and grammar-school student Elroy (who spent much of his school days watching TV on his watch), the Jetsons family included teenage daughter Judy, and nagging wife Jane ? along with robot maid Rosie and talking dog Astro. There’s no word on casting for the picture, or timing ? but presumably it’ll come out before we really are commuting by flying car.