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The Ugly Organ

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The Ugly Organ

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Saddle Creek

We gave it an A-

Tim Kasher is a veteran of Omaha’s band scene, a.k.a. the new indie-rock Camelot (see Bright Eyes, the Faint, and so on), and like his kin, he tends toward acute self-awareness and the prominent display of heart, entrails, etc. on his sleeve. But Organ raises the Saddle Creek bar in terms of sheer psychiatric-rock intensity. A set of spasmodic rants and cello-spiked anthems, it flirts with searing regret and suicidal tendencies; ”I’m ready to settle down now, so get that man out of my bed/ I want my daughter back now” goes one unsettling verse. It can make for difficult listen- ing. Yet, like the best rock purging, it can also be remarkably therapeutic. MIRROR MAN The caterwauling ”Art Is Hard” (”Fall in love to fail/To boost your CD sales”) is a punk meta-fictionist’s take on ”Suffer to Sing the Blues.”