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Anger Management’s menacing Adam Sandler on our Spring Movie Preview cover (#695, Feb. 14) left readers speechless, literally. But the same can’t be said for the citizens of Alhambra, Calif., who felt their town was misrepresented in our story about Phil Spector’s arrest (see below). Meanwhile, Charles Rengel of Tustin, Calif., had more to say about the actress found dead in Spector’s mansion: ”Lana Clarkson was a talented actress, a generous person, and a beautiful woman in many ways. The few times I met her, she always treated me more like a friend than a fan.” It’s fans of certain reality TV shows that had other readers upset. ”Why not give the people what they want?” wonders Jake D. Jesse of New York City. ”It’s hilarious — in a sad way — that we’ve finally resorted to the lowest common denominator on our already laughable airwaves. Are You Hot? is nothing short of programming genius.” Too true.

‘Love’ Labor Lost?

I’m sure I’m not the only fan wondering why Down With Love isn’t featured (not even mentioned) in your spring preview. Has the release date changed? There are a lot of people looking forward to this. M.R. LEVIN New York City

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to a studio spokesperson, Twentieth Century Fox has not yet picked a release date for the Ewan McGregor-Renee Zellweger comedy, which was originally scheduled to open in April. We’ll keep you posted.

Colin Foul!

I acknowledge Colin Farrell as an actor with all the right qualities (talent, looks, charisma, presence, etc.), but I’m fed up with Hollywood’s relentless Colin’s-the-next-big-thing onslaught (News & Notes). It seems as though everywhere I look, Mr. Farrell is either in a new movie or featured in another magazine. I just wish studios would stop trying to play Dr. Frankenstein by creating superstars and, instead, allow the new breed of icons to develop on their own, over time, and with sincere audience approval. DALE WILLIAMSON AllieFox@aol.com Henderson, N.C.

Spec-tacular ‘Burb

I was surprised by Tom Sinclair’s article on Phil Spector, in which he described Alhambra, Calif., as an ”otherwise seedy L.A. suburb” (News & Notes). Has Mr. Sinclair ever visited Alhambra to write such a description? I grew up living in Alhambra and can attest to the fact that it’s a very respectable city in which to raise a family. Alhambra is a small, quaint town — far from being anything near what I’d consider ”seedy.” Overall, I don’t think you could ask for a better place in which to grow up. QUEENIE NGUYEN qqdnguyen@yahoo.com Santa Monica

‘Idol’ Worship

Your article about your favorites on the new American Idol really got under my skin (News & Notes). Why? Because of your totally unnecessary, mean-spirited, and inaccurate comments regarding Justin Guarini. Justin received many compliments from the judges, including Simon, over the course of the show. He is extremely talented vocally, and yes, an entertainer as well. Why knock him for that? Was it not possible for you to compliment Ruben [Studdard] without the Justin slam? VALERIE TILLMAN oldskool4jg@yahoo.com Sacramento