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Little Rascals

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Former Alfalfa Pal and Baretta star Robert Blake, 69, was back on TV Feb. 26, this time on Court TV as the accused murderer of wife Bonny Lee Bakley, 44. EW courtroom illustrator Mona Shafer Edwards captured what the cameras didn’t. — Allison Hope Weiner

Engrossed in her copy of Jane Hamilton’s A Map of the World, a morning-TV-show producer is struck with panic when she realizes, ”I’ve got to get someone for tomorrow morning’s segment!” To another producer she then says, ”Let’s try to grab one of the lawyers if they’ll talk — or a trashy family member.”

Compared with Winona’s trial, these proceedings have been relatively low-wattage, leaving ambulance chasers a little desperate. One attorney, who’s spent the morning outside looking to trade legal quips for on-air time, offers to a radio-station employee: ”Here’s my business card. Give me a call. I can comment on whatever you need.”

Scarfing down kosher hot dogs in the 65-degree Van Nuys, Calif., weather, an East Coast TV reporter — in a cashmere winter coat — waits for the lawyers to come outside. ”God, this is so boring,” he says, his face moist with sweat. ”I know,” replies a young reporter touching up her lip gloss. ”When does the Spector trial start?”