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TV shows that should star Michael Jackson

TV shows that should star Michael Jackson. With monster Nielsen ratings for all things Jacko, EW.com suggests where he should appear next

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Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson: Martin Grimes/Splash News/NewsCom

TV shows that should star Michael Jackson

Some 27 million people tuned into ”20/20”’s ”Living with Michael Jackson,” and Fox’s ”Michael Jackson: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See” trounced Aaron and Helene’s ”Bachelor” break-up special. Clearly, America can’t get enough of Jacko. So why stop now? Here are a few of the prime time shows we’d like Jackson to crash, with or without his baby Blanket.

”CSI” When guest star Dr. Jackson reveals that chimps and humans have ”identical” DNA, Grissom and the team are forced to toss out the results from all of their previous cases — and, in a horrifying twist, cast a suspicious eye at Bubbles for a triple homicide.

”Joe Millionaire” This time, the guy really does have $50 million — and then some. The twist? The winner is stuck with Michael freakin’ Jackson.

”Law & Order: SVU”Jackson becomes a walking, talking crime scene as the dedicated detectives hunt for the twisted plastic surgeon responsible for his latest nose job.

”Alias”Forget SD-6: Sydney and Michael discover the real mastermind of evil is? Tommy Mottola!

”Fear Factor” First, contestants get their hair set on fire, then they’re dangled from a balcony with a towel over their heads. The big finale? Outrunning a pissed-off Joe Jackson.

”Sex and the City” Granted, he’ll blush more than Charlotte when the conversation gets randy. But when it comes to shopping, could they be any better matched? Manolos for everyone!

”The Real World: Neverland” ”Have you met the new housemate? He dresses funny, he won’t share the Playstation, and he’s TOTALLY immature!”

”American Idol” We can hardly wait to hear Simon say, ”Your voice is okay, but your look? Simply horrendous!”