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Out For Justice?

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Steven Seagal appeared at Brooklyn federal court Feb. 11 to testify in the racketeering trial of alleged Gambino capo Anthony ”Sonny” Ciccone, claiming his life was imperiled over deals with former partner and reputed Mob pal Julius Nasso. In an EW exclusive, courtroom illustrator Christine Cornell captured a few other dramatic moments in the action hero’s testimony. — Caroline Kepnes

Shortly after taking the stand, Seagal describes himself as an ”actor, producer, director, musician, songwriter.” But when he recalls playing ”blues guitar” with B.B. King, Honorable — and irritable — Judge Block quips, ”I think we have a sense of his music. Let’s move on.”

Seagal explains that he never comes to New York without a gun. Judge Block deadpans, ”You don’t have a gun on you now, do you?” The courtroom erupts into laughter. ”As you know,” Seagal later adds, ”I teach firearms to military and Secret Service.”

Seagal puts on reading glasses to inspect a contract, and then the die-hard Buddhist spreads two red blankets across his lap. (Hey, in light of the numerous times he said ”I don’t remember,” the AARP accoutrements might be more fitting than you think.)