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Happy Days Are Hair Again

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It’s the unspoken tenet of reality-show beefcake: When the guys aren’t waxing poetic about overeager hotties or overcrowded hot tubs, they’re just plain waxing. From inaugural Real Worlder Eric Nies to The Bachelorette’s wax statuettes to The Osbournes’ image-conscious Ozzy (who recently shaved his torso on camera), smooth-chested alpha males prevail. Which is exactly why a proud Gillette-shunning hunk like myself is so taken with the piliferous pecs of Joe Millionaire’s Evan Marriott. Marriott brazenly flaunts his upper-body hair like a furry badge of pride, using a cross necklace and seemingly button-impaired shirts to draw attention to his chest’s perennial five o’clock shadow. It’s a look that recalls the king of bear-chestedness himself, Smokey and the Bandit’s Burt Reynolds — a reminder of a time when being macho meant being happily hirsute.