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Sarah Michelle Gellar may star in ''Romantic Comedy''

Sarah Michelle Gellar may star in ”Romantic Comedy.” She’d play a woman unaware of her guy friend’s crush on her

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On ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Sarah Michelle Gellar’s weapon of choice is a stake through the heart, but on the big screen, she may pierce a guy’s heart just by being oblivious to his feelings. That’s what will happen in ”Romantic Comedy,” in which Gellar is in talks to star, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In ”Romantic Comedy,” a movie buff named Max tries to emulate moments from his favorite romantic movies in order to win the heart of Kate, his longtime best friend, who has no clue about Max’s unrequited crush. (This, of course, is an excellent premise for a movie, having worked so well three decades ago in ”Play It Again, Sam,” where Woody Allen sought romantic advice from the spirit of Humphrey Bogart in wooing platonic pal Diane Keaton.) Gellar would play Kate, who works as a translator at the United Nations but apparently does not recognize the language of movie romance. No word on who will play Max.

Directing the film will be Joel Gallen, the longtime producer of MTV’s spoofy annual Movie Awards ceremony, which Gellar and Jack Black hosted last summer. The movie would shoot in August, after Gellar finishes making the ”Scooby-Doo” sequel. That, in turn, comes after she wraps what may be the final season of ”Buffy.” Unless vampires show up at the UN.