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Chicago’s flapper-frocked bob-sy twins and our early Oscar predictions left readers rooting for more (#691, Jan. 17). ”You could imagine my amazement as I caught a glance of Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones on your cover,” coos Elias Benavidez of Mesa, Ariz. ”Chicago definitely had all that jazz and is my pick for Best Picture.” You won’t hear us objecting; however, plenty of readers thought we forgot a few Oscar aspirants (check out page 2 for more). ”How could everyone overlook We Were Soldiers?” wonders James Hatzell of Rapid City, S.D., ”and the dominating supporting performance of actor Sam Elliott?” St. Paul’s Lori King was ”surprised” 25th Hour’s Brian Cox failed to make our list. But the most votes went to Greg Kinnear for his portrayal of Bob Crane in Auto Focus. ”A mention,” notes Atlanta’s Danny Clark, ”could have stirred more buzz about this underdog.” Better late than never.

Sweet Tart Deal

In the words of the simpsons’ comic-book-store owner, ”best shared female cover ever.” I’m not sure if Catherine Zeta-Jones has ever looked more fetching or Renee Zellweger more traffic-stopping. If everything old is new again, I hope these gals bring back bobbed hair, fringed cocktail dresses, and fishnet stockings. Twenty-three skidoo! DAVID RYDER dryder100@hotmail.com Chico, Calif.

Renee and Catherine look great, but where, oh where is our leading man Richard Gere? DIANE W. ANDREW dwarn96@yahoo.com Watertown, Conn.

I loved the article on Chicago, but I’m disappointed that Catherine Zeta-Jones’ and Queen Latifah’s rendition of ”Class” was scrapped from the film because it tested poorly with audiences. How people missed the humor in a provocative and tongue-in-cheek analysis of the decline of morals in the 20th century is beyond me. MARIA POWNALL pixie1271@aol.com Drexel Hill, Pa.

Sufferin’ Suffragette

Just because ”a woman is finally getting to call the shots” does not mean that The Bachelorette is a step forward for womankind, as Clay Newbill would like us to believe (”Bachelorette Party”). Trista Rehn’s assertions that she wants to be taken care of and would like a man to make the decisions in the relationship show that some of us are still living in the 1950s. LISA SNEDEN lisasneden@yahoo.com Tulsa

Suddenly Susan

Whether or not Susan Tedeschi will embrace her newfound fame and show up on MTV doesn’t matter to me or to many other fans, for that matter (”Lady Sings the [Happy] Blues”). As long as she’s singing her heart out, I’ll be buying her albums and concert tickets. She is a true artist. KELLI WILLIAMS butterfly453@yahoo.com Grand Rapids, Mich.

BBC Your Point

Thanks so much for swimming ”The English Channel” for us (Biz). By chance, I happened to catch Coupling on BBC America. I haven’t laughed out loud during a sitcom since… the third season of Friends. Let’s hope NBC keeps its version very similar to the BBC’s! RUPA DALAL San Jose, Calif.