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''Survivor'' contestant has malaria

”Survivor” contestant has malaria. Balance-beam bobbler Daniel Lue, back home in Texas, came down with the tropical disease two weeks ago

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Daniel Lue, Survivor: The Amazon
Daniel Lue: Monty Brinton

”Survivor: The Amazon” contestant Daniel Lue is back home in Clear Lake, Texas, but his latest survival ordeal is just beginning. According to the Houston Chronicle, the 27-year-old tax accountant has contracted malaria, despite taking anti-malaria medication before and after his trip to the Amazon. His mother, Cynthia Lue, tells the Chronicle that her son started feeling feverish two weeks ago, and that his disease was initially misdiagnosed as flu. Now, however, she says he’s receiving proper treatment, and his temperature is back down to normal. A CBS spokesperson says the ”Survivor” physician is in contact with Lue’s doctor, and adds, ”We wish him the best for a speedy recovery.”

Lue is the contestant who said of the men’s tribe, ”There is no way women are gonna beat us at anything — physical, mentally, or whatever. We’re never gonna go to tribal council,” then bobbled a balance-beam immunity challenge on Thursday’s season premiere. However, it was his teammate, model Ryan Aiken, who was voted off the continent. Nonetheless, Mrs. Lue says, ”I told my friends that for the next few days I’m not going to use the word ‘balance’ in my household, like ‘balance checkbook,’ ‘balanced diet.’ I’m going to stay away from that word for a while.”