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EW sings the praises of its ''Idol'' favorites

EW sings the praises of its ”Idol” favorites. The sequel has only just started, but we’re already hooked on Frenchie and a few others

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Frenchie Davis, Kimberley Locke, ...
Frenchie Davis and Kimberly Locke: J. Viles

Simon and Garfunkel. Hall and Oates. Frenchie and Kimberley. Now that we’ve seen them rule the stage together, it’s difficult to think of them apart. And why should we have to? Their attitudelicious performance of ”Band of Gold” was more soulful, sexy, and goose bump-inducing than three years of ”Divas Live” combined. From the second these two bodacious beauties strutted their stuff on stage, all those navel-baring lightweights should have headed home. Clearly, other contestants were feeling talent anorexia because none of them would get on stage with our plus-size performers. ”Frenchie has a big voice. I have a big voice…. They just didn’t want to sing the song with us,” Kimberley shrugged. Can you blame them? Not one could touch Frenchie’s color-coordinated hair or her Kissinger-esque diplomacy skills (she managed to broker peace among feuding contestants). It’s no overstatement when she says, ”No, I don’t have hair flowing down my back, and no, I’m not a size 2, but I. Am. Faaabulous.”