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Zeta-Jones: Unauthorized pics ruined my wedding

Zeta-Jones: Unauthorized pics ruined my wedding — The ”Chicago” star testifies in the Douglases’ lawsuit against Hello! magazine

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Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Douglas & Zeta-Jones: Getty Images

Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is likely to receive an Oscar nomination on Tuesday for ”Chicago,” gave a real-life star turn in a London courtroom on Monday as she testified in the suit she and Michael Douglas filed against Hello! magazine for running unauthorized photos of their 2000 wedding.

”It was awful for me to have to think about this so soon after our beautiful wedding,” Reuters quotes her as telling the High Court. ”I remember sitting on the phone crying about the way that our memories of the wedding, which had seemed so wonderful, had suddenly soured.”

The Douglases had sold exclusive photo rights to OK! magazine for a million pounds ($1.65 million). Three days before the pictures ran, they were scooped by Hello!’s publication of paparazzi shots of the event. The couple is suing Hello! for half a million pounds for loss of income, stress, and damage to their careers because of the reportedly poor quality of the shots. There’s also a pending suit filed by OK! against Hello! for 1.75 million pounds for lost sales and syndication rights. Lawyers for Hello! have argued that, by seeking publicity for their wedding, the Douglases made it a public event and have no claim to privacy or exclusivity.