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— PROJECT XXX Hedwig and the Angry Inch actor-filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell is bound to raise even more plucked eyebrows with his follow-up: Mitchell is now prepping The Sex Film Project, which will be a narrative film with explicit sex scenes. ”I’ve never seen a film that has powerful performances and has real sex in it,” says Mitchell, who divined the concept because ”I was bored with the stuff I was being presented with after Hedwig.” One of his biggest hurdles, obviously, is finding actors willing to take it all off. ”I was pretty sure nobody with an agent would be interested because they’re worried about their guest shot on Everybody Loves Raymond,” he says. ”And in my film, everybody will love Raymond.” Circumventing handlers, Mitchell is soliciting videotape submissions from potential stars via a website (thesexfilm project.com). ”The main characters will be gay young men, but I want a secondary relationship that is a straight couple or a lesbian couple,” says Mitchell, adding that he’s looking for ”people who are mixed in with this New York, downtown, bohemian, pansexual world that I live in.” Raising money is also a challenge, though Mitchell says the budget will not exceed $1 million — about $965,000 more than the typical ”adult film” costs to make. ”We already have people interested in making a documentary about it,” reports Mitchell, who says he and his angry inch will remain behind the camera. Besides, he says, ”it would be pretty arrogant to have a casting search for people to have sex with me, right?”

— MACY’S PARADE He helped Halle Berry transform from mere hottie to Oscar winner. Now can Monster’s Ball producer Lee Daniels reinvent songbird Macy Gray as a movie star? Daniels has cast the psychedelic singer in a musical titled Donkey Skin. ”It’s about a princess and a donkey that poops gold,” says Daniels. ”It’s based on a classic fairy tale by the same writer of ‘Puss in Boots’ and ‘Cinderella.”’ If it sounds familiar, that’s because it’s already been made into a film, 1970’s Peau d’ane, starring Catherine Deneuve.

— FURTHERMORE On the heels of her choice back-to-back roles in Far From Heaven and The Hours, Julianne Moore says her next dream project is a film adaptation of Natalie Robins and Steve Aronson’s 1985 true-crime book Savage Grace, about the plastic-inventing Baekeland family. Moore would play socialite wife Barbara Baekeland, who allegedly had an affair with her own son.