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Celebs pick their Oscar faves

Celebs pick their Oscar faves — With awards right around the corner, EW quizzed Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Sam Rockwell, and others on who they’d pick to take home the little gold guy

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Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore: Michael Williams/London Features

JULIANNE MOORE ”Nobody has been talking about ‘My Wife Is an Actress,’ a French film I absolutely adored.”

NICOLE KIDMAN ”Julianne [Moore]… from ‘Far From Heaven.”’

GEORGE LOPEZ ”Salma Hayek in ‘Frida.”’

ROB REINER ”’Chicago’ was brilliant. It’s the first film that really captures the MTV filmmaking grammar in a seamless, artistic way.”

JAMIE BELL (”Nicholas Nickleby”) ”’8 Mile.’ It’s a really inspirational, uplifting movie.”

HUGH GRANT ”I did finally see ‘Y Tu Mamá También,’ and I’d be happy if that won.”

EVA MARIE SAINT ”[‘The Good Girl”s] Jennifer Aniston and the other Greek lady [Nia Vardalos], whose name we’ll know when she gets the Oscar, should be recognized.”

KIERAN CULKIN (”Igby Goes Down”) ”Maggie Gyllenhaal did an incredible job in ‘Secretary.”’

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL ”’Talk to Her’ was my favorite movie of the year.”

JULIA STILES (”A Guy Thing”) ”’Bowling for Columbine’ for Best Documentary, and Meryl Streep in ‘Adaptation.’ It’s time for Meryl again.”

MIKE WHITE (”The Good Girl”) ”’The Hours’ is… everything I like a movie to be about: depression, suicide, lesbians.”

SHERYL CROW ”Chris Cooper in ‘Adaptation.”’

ROBIN WILLIAMS ”Jack [Nicholson]. His performance was in the mode of ‘Death of a Salesman.”’

ASHTON KUTCHER (”Just Married”) ”Jack’s fantastic in ‘About Schmidt.”’

KATHY BATES (”About Schmidt”) ”Derek Luke was wonderful in ‘Antwone Fisher.”’

BERNIE MAC ”Tom Hanks…in ‘Catch Me if You Can.”’

SAM ROCKWELL (”Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”) ”I’d love to see [Adam] Sandler get nominated for ‘Punch-Drunk Love.”’

SAMUEL L. JACKSON ”Me in ‘Changing Lanes.”’