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Brinkley fears for daughter's safety in Joel's car

Brinkley fears for daughter’s safety in Joel’s car. She says the girl was riding in her ex-husband’s Mercedes hours before he totaled it on Saturday

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Christie Brinkley was on the other side of the camera on Sunday. The supermodel was at the firehouse in Sag Harbor, N.Y., snapping photos of the totaled and impounded remains of ex-husband Billy Joel’s car, which he destroyed Saturday night. Was she gathering evidence for a possible lawsuit against the Piano Man? It’s possible, given the statement of concern she issued this week about the couple’s 17-year-old daughter riding with her father, who’s had two single-car crashes in seven months.

Brinkley’s statement, issued by her spokeswoman, noted that daughter Alexa had been in the car hours before Joel slammed it into a tree. ”The seat Alexa was sitting in only hours before the latest crash was completely decimated,” the statement said. ”I’m worried about Billy, but, like any mother would be, I am alarmed and concerned about my child’s safety by this frightening pattern of accidents.” Brinkley and Joel divorced in 1994 after nine years of marriage, though they reportedly maintain an amicable relationship.

Brinkley, who was herself photographed by the New York Post while taking pictures of the crumpled car, did not say why she was doing so, and her spokeswoman declined to say whether Brinkley was contemplating legal action to keep Joel from chauffeuring Alexa. There was no indication of alcohol use during either crash, though after the first one, Joel sought treatment for alcoholism. Joel suffered minor injuries and was hospitalized for a few hours after Saturday’s accident, but Sag Harbor police told the Post they did not have probable cause to administer a breathalyzer test, and a hospital source told the Post that a blood test showed no sign of drunkenness.