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''Scrubs''' Carla and Turk are a hot TV couple

Carla Espinosa and Chris Turk, ”Scrubs”

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Scrubs, Donald Faison, ...
Scrubs: Scott Humbert

”Scrubs”’ Carla and Turk are a hot TV couple

PLAYED BY Judy Reyes and Donald Faison

RELATIONSHIP STATUS Surgical resident Turk asked nurse Carla to marry him — in the hospital’s parking lot. Without a ring. While she was on the way to a funeral. It was pretty sad — even more so when Carla said she’d need some time to ponder the proposal. Thankfully, the woman came to her senses and accepted.

WHY WE LOVE THEM These two medical pros must have aced their chemistry courses: They’re the freshest, funniest tube twosome in some time, their snappy repartee perfected from the very first episode.

WHY WE DON’T ”Scrubs”’ writers have been able to keep this couple exciting without resorting to the on-again/off-again clich√©, so the whole botched-proposal detour was a bit disappointing.