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''ER'''s Carter and Abby are a hot TV couple

John Carter and Abby Lockhart, ”ER”

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E/R, Maura Tierney, ...
ER: James Sorensen

”ER”’s Carter and Abby are a hot TV couple

PLAYED BY Noah Wyle and Maura Tierney

RELATIONSHIP STATUS After a couple of seasons of making moony eyes at each other, the ER workaholics have finally taken their friendship to another level.

WHY WE LOVE THEM Don’t let their differing economic backgrounds fool you — these two are made for each other. Both are recovering from addictions (she to alcohol, he to painkillers), both have mother issues, and both are leaders at work (he’s chief resident, she’s head of the ER nurses). All that compatibility, plus a tasty bag of chips: Abby has transformed Carter from a boring dud to a shower-love stud.

WHY WE DON’T Conversely, Carter hasn’t had much of an effect on Abby’s development. She SAYS she’s happy — but what’s behind those weary eyes and wry looks?