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Why we can't wait to see ''The Hulk''

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Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, ...
The Hulk: Peter Sorel

Why we can’t wait to see ”The Hulk”

THE STORY A catastrophic experiment transforms scientist Bruce Banner into a hulking mass of green man-flesh. The government raises its collective eyebrow. Hulk gets angry. Hulk smash!

THE GOODIES Just in case Aussie stud Eric Bana (above, with Jennifer Connelly) can’t handle the burden of playing Banner, he gets help from Connelly (as girlfriend Betty Ross), Nick Nolte (as Banner’s father), and director Ang Lee.

LOOK FOR Original Hulkster and former Mr. Universe Lou Ferrigno as a security guard.

BURNING QUESTION How come the big lug’s purple pants grow when he does? Better yet, how come they’re purple?

TREND WATCH Digital actors (à la ”The Two Towers”’ Gollum) are getting bigger roles. Lee sat down with the animators at ILM to direct the CG Hulk’s performance, whereas most directors just leave it up to the tech geeks. ”I’m a ‘hands-on’ kind of person,” he has said.

COULD BE Another successful genre switch for Lee after trying everything from Jane Austen to ”Crouching Tiger.” Or… a ”Hulk” fan’s worst nightmare. Have ya heard the rumors that the cast includes ”Hulk”-style dogs?