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Parker and Broderick sue for $15 million

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Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker
Parker & Broderick: Fred Prouser/Reuters/Newscom

New parents Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick may be changing a lot of diapers these days, but what they’re really raising a big stink about is perfume. On Jan. 10, they filed a $15 million suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against fragrance firm Sephora, alleging that the company used their likenesses without their permission in a Valentine’s Day 2001 promotion. The ad campaign featured a number of celebrity couples, including Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who announced their divorce the same month, and who sued for the same amount over the allegedly unauthorized use of their images.

In fact, according to Parker and Broderick’s complaint, which is posted at The Smoking Gun, the ”Sex and the City” star and her ”Producers” husband weren’t even aware of the campaign featuring their likenesses until last September, when Cruise and Kidman reunited long enough to file their suit. The Brodericks cite an in-store brochure, which features a photo of the couple next to a pair of Burberry fragrance bottles, as ”grossly misleading and deceptive” in implying an endorsement. Sephora has not commented on either celebrity couple’s lawsuit.