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Top Of The Heap

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He was roasted on Scrubs and dissed on Saturday Night Live — and he’ll soon be decapitated in a Tonight Show bit. Now you get a crack at Carrot Top. He’s featured alongside such bruisers as Mr. T and the members of ‘N Sync in Gotham Games’ Celebrity Deathmatch, based on the defunct MTV show. ”I could kick Justin Timberlake’s ass!” insists Top, 35, whose anger isn’t limited to pop idols. ”I’d like to fight Craig Kilborn…. He’s just not a nice guy to me.” Still, the comic is cool about lending his likeness to Deathmatch. ”Maybe this would help me get my own videogame,” he says. ”I’d like to be the first redheaded superhero, saving all the other redheads from everyone’s torture.”