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Blue Crush

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Kate Bosworth, Blue Crush
Blue Crush: Photofest

In Blue Crush, hottie head case Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth) struggles to get over her issues and win Hawaii’s pipe-surfing competition. It’s like a shallower, brighter ”8 Mile” for girls, except that Bosworth is no Eminem in the charisma department, and the subplots must have been brainstormed by a liquored-up teen focus group at the Maui Marriott: Rich, diarrhea-prone, African-American NFL stars trash hotel room, unnerving our surfer/maid heroine. Apologetic white NFL hunk (Matt Davis) then pays her for surfing lessons. She’s so stoked she sleeps with him! Still, there’s no denying that the unforgettable wave footage outshines the silly plot.