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Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' is up to this week

Here’s what the cast of ”Friends” is up to this week. Lisa Kudrow says the actors were the last ones to know about the renewal decision. Plus, learn the truth behind Jennifer Aniston’s mysterious foot injury and Courteney Cox’s Coke binge

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Lisa Kudrow
Lisa Kudrow: Danny Feld/NBC

GREENWICH VILLAGE IDIOTS They may be six of the most powerful actors on TV, but NBC didn’t consult the ”Friends” cast about the surprise decision to renew the show for a 10th season until after the deal had already been worked out. So Lisa Kudrow says, telling TV’s ”Access Hollywood” this week, ”First, the network and studio have to decide to do it, and they work out something. Then, the producers decide and work out something. Then, we are the last ones they come to.” Only then, she said, did the cast discuss the prospect of doing one more year. ”There was a lot of talk among the cast, how many [episodes] would be reasonable to do, how many we felt like doing. At this point, everybody is at such a different stage of their life that doing this show might not suit everybody’s life right now.”

Yeah, just ask Brad Pitt. In the latest issue of Glamour magazine, Pitt complains that the renewal is cramping his desire to start a family with Jennifer Aniston. ”I keep saying, ‘Jen, when are we going to have babies?’ and she says, ‘Soon.’ We’ve been having disagreements about starting our family for years now.” He had expected that they would finally be able to do so after the current season ends in May. But then, he says, ”They came up with a great offer and she didn’t want to abandon her pals. She wouldn’t leave them in the lurch — she is so loyal. I love my wife, but waiting to start our family is driving me nuts.” Of course, he’s supposed to spend the summer in Morocco filming his starring role as Achilles in ”Troy,” so the baby-making was going to have to wait anyway.

RAISING CANE Forget what’s going on in Iraq and Korea. Right now, the biggest international bone of contention is the broken one in Jennifer Aniston’s toe. On Sunday, as she bravely hobbled to the podium in Pasadena to pick up her People’s Choice prize for favorite TV actress, viewers worldwide wanted to know: How did she break her toe? British fans were told, by the BBC and the Daily Telegraph newspaper, that Aniston had informed fans she injured her right foot in a skiing accident. But Aniston’s publicist told U.S. fans, via the Associated Press, that the break occurred at home, when she stubbed her toe on a piece of furniture. Her dad, soap actor John Aniston, echoed that story, telling the New York Daily News, ”She stubbed it hard enough to break it, so she must have been moving too fast.” Hey, Jen, watch out for those moguls in the living room.

POP CULTURE The soda wars are heating up, and competition for celebrity spokespeople is fierce. Pepsi has replaced Britney Spears with Beyoncé Knowles, and Dr. Pepper is risking accusations of bad taste by running an ad featuring Run-DMC, including footage of the late Jam Master Jay. Now, Coca-Cola is earning buzz for its ”Coca-Cola Real” campaign, which shows a diverse spectrum of celebrities (athletes Muhammad Ali and Lance Armstrong, hip-hoppers Mya and Common) in supposedly unguarded and ”real” moments. Most notoriously, Penélope Cruz visits a diner, chugs down a Coke in one gulp, and lets loose a healthy and unself-conscious belch. And then there’s the ad that will show Courteney Cox and David Arquette at home, squabbling over the last Coke in their fridge. They agree to split it, but while David is goofing off playing pinball, Courteney pours him a glass that’s mostly ice and bogarts the rest of the drink for herself. Coke could have shot an ad at Aniston and Pitt’s house as well, but that place is apparently an obstacle course.