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Here's the cast of ''Survivor: The Amazon''

Here’s the cast of ”Survivor: The Amazon.” CBS announces its next Brazil-set series…and a major change

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Survivor: The Amazon
Survivor: The Amazon: Monty Brinton/CBS

Did you hear the one about the district attorney, the beauty pageant contestant, and the rocket scientist? Starting Feb. 13, the punch line will be played out each Thursday night on CBS by the eclectic cast of ”Survivor: The Amazon” (that’s season 6 for those counting). This time, there’s one noticeable change: It’s a real battle of the sexes, girls in one tribe, boys in the other.


In this corner, the eight-woman Jaburu tribe:

DEENA BENNETT, 35, Perris, Calif., deputy district attorney
JEANNE HEBERT, 41, North Attleboro, Mass., marketing director
JANET KOTH 47, Manchester, Mo., abstinence counselor and travel agent
SHAWNA MITCHELL, 23, Redwood City, Calif., outdoor-gear sales
JENNA MORASCA, 21, Bridgeville, Penn., student/model and beauty pageant contestant
CHRISTY SMITH, 24, Basalt, Colo., kids’ adventure guide
HEIDI STROBEL, 24, Eldon, Mo., physical education teacher
JOANNA WARD, 31, Orangeburg, S.C., guidance counselor

And in this corner, the eight men of the Tambaqui Tribe:

RYAN AIKEN, 23, Ellicot City, Md., model-actor-bartender
ALEX BELL, 32, Los Angeles, product manager
ROB CESTERNINO, 24, Wantagh, N.Y., computer-projects coordinator 
DAVE JOHNSON, 24, Pasadena, Calif., engineer
BUTCH LOCKLEY, 50, Olney, Ill., school principal  
DANIEL LUE, 27, Houston, tax accountant  
ROGER SEXTON, 56, Valencia, Calif., construction executive and Vietnam vet
MATTHEW VON ERTFELDA, 33, Washington, D.C., restaurant designer and adventurer