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Stars tell which biopics they'd love to headline

Stars tell which biopics they’d love to headline. With a slew of true-life stories making it to theaters (”Antwone Fisher,” ”Cath Me if You Can”), we asked celebs whose tales they’d most like to tell

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Avril Lavigne
Avrill Lavigne: Lester Cohen/WireImage.com

SYLVESTER STALLONE ”Julius Caesar, who helped create democracy and then got killed by his friends.”

LEELEE SOBIESKI (”Max”) ”I would love to play Napoleon. I’m a bit too tall.”

DAVID HYDE PIERCE (”Frasier”) ”With [porn star] John Holmes already taken [by Val Kilmer], I can’t think of any.”

LARA FLYNN BOYLE ”Eleanor Roosevelt fascinates me.”

MARTIN SHORT ”Linda Hunt.”

CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER ”Suge Knight, so I could scare the s— out of everybody.”

FREDDY RODRIGUEZ (”Six Feet Under”) ”Prince. We’ll see how I look in purple.”

FRAN DRESCHER ”Clara Bow, because she became a really famous actress in silent films, but when talkies came her New York accent didn’t fly. I thought, Oh, I can do that.”

ROD STEWART ”If I was the right color, I’d love to play Sam Cooke. Maybe I can do an Al Jolson and they can black me up.”

RHEA PERLMAN ”Danny DeVito.”

BILL PAXTON ”Evel Knievel… I torched a couple of motorcycles when I was a kid.”

AVRIL LAVIGNE ”Kurt Cobain.”

DAVID SPADE (”Just Shoot Me”) ”Kurt Cobain. Nirvana was on ‘SNL’ twice when I was there, and he was really cool.”

DENNIS QUAID ”Spade Cooley. He was the king of Western swing.”