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The Shield: The Complete First Season

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Michael Chiklis, The Shield

The Shield: The Complete First Season

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In Season

We gave it an A

For anyone who doesn’t get FX (or couldn’t find it on their cable system), here’s your chance to catch Michael Chiklis’ Emmy-winning work as LAPD pit bull Vic Mackey. Watching the first 13 episodes allows viewers to appreciate not only the ex-”Commish”’s career-redefining performance but also the remarkable supporting roster, especially CCH Pounder as a no-BS detective and Michael Jace as a self-loathing gay rookie cop. And unlike many TV series’ DVD sets (such as HBO’s ”Sopranos” and ”Sex and the City” boxes), The Shield doesn’t skimp on extras: A commentary track supplements every episode, and you also get the entire regular cast’s audition tapes, as well as 17 deleted scenes with such provocative titles as ”Vic’s Breakdown” and ”Julien’s Blowjob.” Plus, you can peruse creator Shawn Ryan’s pilot script, which paradoxically describes Vic as ”intimidating yet personable.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.