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MEETING OF THE ‘MINDS’ Lisa Marie Presley’s love life may be a mess, but she’s having considerably more success as a musical matchmaker. Elvis’ daughter recently met singer-songwriter Pete Yorn at a birthday party for Johnny Ramone. When Yorn told her he was working on a cover of the King’s ”Suspicious Minds,” Presley’s eyes lit up. ”We started talking and I told her I was doing the song, and she was like, ‘Oh, my God! I’m gonna call the Sweet Inspirations and get them to sing on it,”’ says Yorn. ”I was like, ‘Yeah, right,’ but next thing you know they’re in the studio singing.” The vocal group, which includes Estelle Brown and Myrna Smith, sang on Elvis’ 1969 original, as well as countless other ’60s classics. Yorn says the track probably won’t appear on his upcoming album, tentatively due in April, but it could show up as a B side or on a soundtrack. ”It turned out great,” he says. ”I owe her one.” — Rob Brunner

5 ALIVE With nuevo garage-rockers like the White Stripes singing their praises, Detroit proto-punks MC5 are suddenly hip again. The documentary MC5: A True Testimonial, directed by newcomer David C. Thomas, is making film-festival rounds and has been deemed a must-see by Harry Knowles’ AintItCool.com (though no release date has been set). And Levi’s recently announced it will manufacture high-end T-shirts bearing the group’s logo (to be available only in hipper-than-thou Europe). MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer says the deal was something of an accident. ”Gary Grimshaw, the artist who designed the MC5 logo, licensed it to Levi’s for a pittance, when it actually wasn’t his to license,” says Kramer. ”I objected, but Levi’s got back to me and said, ‘Wayne, if you don’t sign off on this, we’re gonna make the artist give the money back.’ I wasn’t gonna do that to Gary, so I said okay.” But there’s an upside to the flap: MC5 are now talking to Levi’s about possible future projects. Sounds righteous — although we’d think twice about wearing jeans with ”Kick Out the Jams” stitched on the back pocket.