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Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' is up to this week

Here’s what the cast of ”Friends” is up to this week. Jennifer Aniston reveals what she and Brad Pitt fight over. Plus, which Friend was the most newsworthy in 2002, and which one did the best at the box office?

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Jennifer Aniston: Danny Feld/NBC

HOME WRECKAGE Jennifer Aniston, who topped Mr. Blackwell’s annual best-dressed list released Jan. 7, proves her style sense by glamming up on the cover of the latest issue of W, the fashion magazine. Inside, however, she says it’s not all glitz and gloss for her and Brad Pitt. In fact, she says, what has caused tension in their marriage is design; that is, he thinks he’s a better interior decorator than she is. ”It’s hard… because the one thing I thought I could do well was put homes together,” she says. ”But it’s something that really matters to him, so we’ve learned to make decisions that we both feel good about. I actually think our marriage is even better now because we’ve been through this stuff.” Guess this is what strains a marriage when money isn’t a problem. She also tells W that she’s still stunned by her seven-figure salary for each episode of ”Friends.” ”That’s something I’ll never get used to,” she says. Well, at least you now have one more season to get used to it, Jen.

HONORABLE MENTIONS Another list Aniston topped this week was Entertainment Tonight’s first annual Hot List. The list ranks celebrities according to how many times they were mentioned on the entertainment news show in 2002. Aniston was mentioned 125 times, or once every other day on the five-nights-a-week broadcast. Matthew Perry was fifth, one spot ahead of Friend-by-marriage Brad Pitt. Lisa Kudrow came in at No. 8, and Matt LeBlanc squeezed into the top 10 in 10th place, tying Nicole Kidman and Michael Jackson. Courteney Cox was No. 14, tying with Tom Hanks, and one slot ahead of David Schwimmer.

AMORTIZE THAT Another way that not all Friends are created equal: in their box office drawing power. None of the Friends appeared in a hit movie in 2002, though only Aniston’s ”The Good Girl,” which took in just $14 million in theaters but cost only about $8 million to make, is likely to make a profit. Kudrow’s ”Analyze That” earned the most — $30.8 million to date — but that’s about half what the Billy Crystal-Robert De Niro movie cost to make. Perry’s ”Serving Sara” served up just $16.9 million worth of tickets. Most embarrassing, perhaps, was LeBlanc’s spies-in-drag saga ”All the Queen’s Men,” which grossed a microscopic $23,662, or about what LeBlanc earns for every 30 seconds of a ”Friends” episode. Still, at least ”Queens” made it into theaters. Cox’s ”Get Well Soon” went straight to video, while Schwimmer’s ”Hotel” didn’t even get a U.S. release.