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We rate Madonna in ''The Next Best Thing''


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Madonna, Rupert Everett, ...
The Next Best Thing: Ron Batzdorff

We rate Madonna in ”The Next Best Thing”

MADONNA PLAYS Abbie Reynolds, yoga instructor

FRIENDS/LOVERS IN THE CAST Gay pal Rupert Everett (above left) plays Robbie Whittaker, Abbie’s gay pal and putative father to her son, who ends up fighting her for custody of the boy when she wants to take him away and go off to live with her new love, Benjamin Bratt.

DOES SHE SING? ”Time Stood Still” is on the soundtrack.

MEMORABLE MOMENT The British-accented twosome drunkenly smash up a house as a prelude to babymaking.

REDEEMING CAMP VALUE There’s the gauzy lighting that halos every close-up of the 41-year-old star. Plus, Everett’s landscaper character models some rugged gardenwear.

WHAT WE SAID THEN ”Judging from your latest [movie], you should quit while you’re behind.” (Read the full review)