Dick Tracy: Everett Collection
EW Staff
October 10, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

We rate Madonna in ”Dick Tracy”

MADONNA PLAYS Breathless Mahoney, a torch singer and femme fatale

FRIENDS/LOVERS IN THE CAST Then-boyfriend Warren Beatty directs and plays the yellow-slickered comic-book sleuth.

DOES SHE SING? Yes — her role generated an entire album’s worth of songs (”I’m Breathless”), some composed by Broadway titan Stephen Sondheim. It also inspired her signature single ”Vogue.”

MEMORABLE MOMENT She asks Tracy, ”Aren’t you gonna frisk me?” (Runner-up: She says, ”You don’t know if you want to hit me or kiss me. I get a lot of that.”)

REDEEMING CAMP VALUE Aside from the scenery-chewing of villain Al Pacino, there are those fab ’30s costumes and color-coordinated sets.

WHAT WE SAID THEN ”The whole film looks good enough to eat.” (Read the full review)

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